Desk Migrate: App for copying homescreens across different home launchers

One of the reasons why people love Android is how customizable it is. You don’t have to be stuck with the same out-of-the-box package as everyone else. Instead, Android allows you to tailor your mobile device experience to just the way you like it.
The Google Play Store alone is jampacked with all the apps one could dream of, and some apps even have customizable skins. A whole slew of ROMs have also emerged, some packing stock with a little extra touch. Others stripped stock of their unwieldy bloatware to give users a streamlined experience.
We’ve seen launchers that make your Android tablet look like it’s running iOS. Everyday dedicated Android developers are creating bigger, bolder, and better ideas to make Android devices indispensable in our day-to-day lives.  There’s no end to customization as far as Android is concerned. But, what if we could push that envelope further and customize an already customized experience?
Each ROM comes with unique looks. Some of them stick to stock firmware as closely as possible, while others have completely redesigned looks. The homescreen is the first thing the ROM greets you with, and from there, you can explore just what a ROM can do.
Sometimes we find ROMs that perform the way we like them, but don’t have the same aesthetic as another ROM we found appealing but just not in terms of performance. What if we could take that homescreen we loved so much and pasted it on the ROM that fits us best?
Desk Migrate does just that. Developed by Lucky Art, Desk Migrate allows Android users to copy homescreens from one launcher to another. You don’t even have to update your software to make it work. Simply install Desk Migrate on your Android device and you’re good to go.

Say that you’ve got an Android 4.0+ Ice Cream Sandwich device and you’d like the look of Apex Launcher. Copy Apex Launcher’s homescreen and stick it onto your Ice Cream Sandwich to give you a powerful and highly customizable homescreen replacement.
You can also take Nova Launcher’s homescreen for your Ice Cream Sandwich device. If you’ve long been admiring the sleek aesthetic of the iOS interface, you can check out Espier Launcher HD and apply its homescreen to your current software.
Pick a homescreen you love and copy it to the software that best suits your needs and workflow. The possibilities are endless. Desk Migrate allows you a highly unique Android experience that you can really call your own.

Copying homescreens using Desk Migrate is easy and can be done quickly. Unfortunately, Desk Migrate cannot copy widgets at this time, so users will have to reinstall them after copying the homescreen. Other users complained that Desk Migrate suffered a huge lack of instructions and that they were not sure what to do. These problems may be resolved in future updates of the Desk Migrate app.
If you’d like to start customizing your Android experience today, download Desk Migrate for free from the Google Play Store today.
by Lucky Art
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